Fast foods are really high in fats, sugars, and calories than other food items; which makes them low on nutritional value.

Fast foods are a wide range of easily prepared meals, and have gained in popularity with the rise of the increasingly hectic modern lifestyle. Inability to cook elaborate meals while according with the clockwork of daily life has resulted in the time-consuming ‘family dinners’ being confined to weekends, while the busy weekdays are disposed of via the likes of sandwiches, wraps and rolls.

Fast foods, can be incredibly healthy meals, depending on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the cook. However, the term has, in recent times, become almost synonymous with junk food, which is only appealing to the palate, loaded on unhealthy calories and has little or no nutritional value. While healthy fast foods, such as salads or soy burgers, are recommended for a wholesome daily diet, unhealthy fast foods (junk food), such as commercially sold burgers, aerated drinks, pastries and candy are harmful, and should be consumed in moderation. Children’s appetite and taste notoriously difficult to control can be severely affected by continual consumption of junk foods. The calorie-filled junk foods lead to obesity, which aids and abets numerous, more serious diseases.

Fast Food and Child Obesity

Fast Food and Child Obesity

Effects of Junk Food:


High sugar levels make the children more prone to developing type 2 diabetes. Getting affected by diabetes at such an early age reduces, or actually stops the insulin production in their body, which can be very harmful.

Damages the Body’s Immune system

The virtually total absence of green (leafy) vegetables and fresh fruits in the diet causes a deficiency of macro- and micro-nutrient supplements in the body. This damages the body’s immune system and leaves children susceptible to various diseases and ailments.


Saturated fats in the fast food are really very harmful for the kids’ health, which leads to heightened levels of blood cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, leading to many early age problems with respect to the heart health, and many other cardiovascular diseases like dyslipidemia and coronary heart diseases.


Excessive salt levels in fast food ultimately results in high blood pressure which leads to rupturing and cracking of the arteries and veins. To repair these blood vessels, the body accumulates lipoprotein, and converts it into cholesterol that ultimately results in high cholesterol level in the blood.

Obesity issues

According to a statement released by the journal “Nature Neuroscience” in 2010, high calorie food can be addictive, causing children who occasionally eat fast food to learn problematic patterns of eating. These factors were found to place children who regularly ate fast food at increased risk for obesity.

Effects of Fast Food on Children

Effects of Fast Food on Children

Other Effects

Children in their growing age need a lot of vitamin and iron. High consumption of fast food makes the children more prone to illnesses like loss of appetite, constipation, tiredness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and diseases like anemia that are caused due to vitamin deficiencies. All these and more are caused by high consumption of fast food.

These foods are very high in starch, which raises the food cravings of the children, and as a result they eat more, and thus gain more weight. High consumption of fast food makes the healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and, other natural food to almost vanish from the daily diet of the children, which further results in the calcium deficiencies that affects the health of nails and teeth.